LOFT Restaurant & Bar
The menu of our restaurant is based only on the author's dishes. We work with the best suppliers of products, as well as with local farmers. Greens and berries are traditionally grown each summer by ourselves.

Chefs cook on a live fire (grill), use in their arsenal elements of the molecular kitchen, and work only on request - no prefabs for the future - everything is just "from under the knife".

The menu includes oysters, seafood, grilled fish and meat, salads and soups. Bread, pasta dough, desserts is made by ourselves. A special place in the menu has our special roast beef from beef tenderloin, which we prepare directly in the restaurant with soul and love.

Cold and hot appetizers, which can be an excellent accompaniment to various wines, are represented by tartar, carpaccio, plate of bruschetta, cheese and crab aspic. We personally bring aged Grana Padano cheese (20 months) from Italy. In the restaurant you can find 4 types of Italian olives, some of which are additionally pickled in the restaurant. There are also green crispy olives from the island of Sicily.

Our desserts are a real work of art, visually and to taste, because our special confectioner prepares them at LOFT, bringing something unique to each piece! On the menu you will find many deserts options - from the delicious classic like Brownies and Tiramisu to the signature dessert of the LOFT restaurant - cold cheesecake with mashed tropical fruits and pumpkin seeds nugatin. Several desserts are baked just before serving.
For the preparation of salads and sauces, we use Greek farming olive oil Nutricreta Extra Virgin P.D.O. Sitia of the first cold mechanical spin is a unique, high-quality olive oil with extremely low acidity (from 0.1%). The producer has a certificate of organic bio-cultivation of olives and is the winner of various competitions of olive oil quality in Greece.

Why do we buy and use oil twice as expensive as standard Italian Extra Virgin? Because we care about what we eat ourselves and what we feed the guests. Because it is really one of the best oils in the world, to which the "high technologies" of gene modification, high yield and taste improvement with the help of synthetic additives have not yet reached. And, of course, it is simply very tasty.

Moreover, Sitia Oleum Natural Gift was recognized in 2018 as the BEST GREEK OIL in the EXTRA VIRGIN category in the European Great Taste competition.

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  • Reservation: +7 (484) 39 79 007
  • Adress: Obninsk, Krasnykh Zor' 18a,
    3rd floor (entrance from the inside
    of the building)

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